6 Ways to Eat Food Helps Avoid Hidden Odors

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Girls, do you know that eating food? Affects the scent of the intimate area. Therefore, today we would like to invite you to know 6 ways to eat food to avoid the smell of your sister. Let’s see what each method has to do.

1. Eat yogurt to reduce the smell.

Yogurt is a food that can help reduce vaginal odor. due to the problem of the sister having a smell This is mainly due to an imbalance in the bacteria in the vagina. Therefore, eating yoghurt or fermented milk, which has good bacteria to balance it, can help reduce bad smells. or even girls taking antibiotics for a long time The drug will destroy bacteria Lactobacillus. which are bacteria that kill fungi in the vagina Causing vaginal discharge until it smells, it can be solved by eating yogurt or sour milk as well.

2. Reduce the consumption of seafood.

Seafood is one of those foods that tend to react with chemicals in the body. The seafood can stimulate abnormal vaginal discharge. as well as causing irritation and has a hidden smell So if girls feeling that your vagina smells or has abnormal vaginal discharge It is recommended to reduce the consumption of seafood to help reduce the problem.

3. Reduce the consumption of food that has a pungent smell.

Foods with a pungent smell or strong taste, such as garlic, onions, basil, spices or curry. There is a chance that the smell will spread through the pores in all parts of the body. Not even at the hidden point So if you don’t want to risk your sister smelling Recommended to reduce eating this type of food is the best.

4. Reduce the consumption of sweet foods.

Sugary foods, if girls eat regularly, can contribute to the smell of the hidden spots as well, especially women who are often sexually demanding of sugary foods. The higher the sugar content, the more you like it. But did you know that foods that are high in sugar will unknowingly destroy the bacteria in your sister? and also cause an unpleasant odor In addition, eating too many sweets It also increases the chances of being a hidden fungus more easily. Especially those who already have diabetes or have high blood sugar levels. the more risky

5. Avoid fermented foods

Fermented foods such as pickled crabs, pickled fish or salted fish, etc., are classified as food that stimulates vaginal discharge more than usual. as well as causing dampness and inevitably causes a hidden smell

6. Avoid eating foods that are highly acidic.

Foods that are high in acidity, such as red meat, asparagus, broccoli, dairy, and alcohol, can upset your body’s balance. And also cause the risk of germs that are hidden easily

For women who are concerned about vaginal discharge or the smell of the hidden spots. It is recommended to pay a lot of attention to food, especially the 6 ways to eat food that we have mentioned above. Helps to solve the problem of hidden smells as well. Anyway, don’t forget to use it.