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In the age of technology. Casinos have been made more accessible to people. All you need is a smartphone and internet to enjoy online casino games . And there are many websites to choose from. That’s why playing online casinos has become more popular. Today we will introduce the 4 most popular casino game categories.  สมัคร UFABET


1. Pokdeng

If you are a gambling expert Pok Deng is a popular card game. together and have a lot of fun playing The way to play is not complicated. know the result quickly Just add the points on the cards to get or close to 8 or 9 points. The cards have a numerical value of 2 – 9 points, JQK cards are worth 0 points and Ace cards are worth 1 point. If anyone adds 8. Points will be call Pok Eight. If anyone gets 9 points, it will be call Pok Kao. It will be consider the winner in this game.

2. Blackjack

Blackjack in the casino It is a type of playing card, which is the sum of the points on the cards to equal or close to 21 points. Do not exceed strictly. because it will be consider losing immediately The method of counting the points of Blackjack is different from Pok Deng. Where JQK cards are worth 10 points, Ace cards are worth 1 point or 11 points. depending on the rules of each website. 

As for the cards, there will be numbers in front of the cards. The number points are 2-9 points, and the person. Who gets 21 points from 2 cards is call Blackjack, which is considered the winner. or if 2 cards are opened and no one has equal or close to 21 points. They can add more cards. But adding cards can be add one by one. Starting from the first person to call the cards first. Call until enough, the next person to be able to call cards

3. Dragon Tiger

Many gamblers like to play Dragon Tiger cards because they can measure their luck with only 1 card. Know the results immediately. There is no need to sit and calculate. The numbers to be complicate. The method of playing is that the dealer will deal 1 card on the Tiger’s side and 1 on the Dragon’s side. When the high card is play. That side wins. counting the points on the cards. The number cards already have a numerical value of 2 – 9 points, Jeck is 11 points, Queen is 11 points, King is 12 points, and Ace is 1 point.

4. Baccarat

Come to the queue . Baccarat casino game. that has been dominating the hearts of gamblers for a long time How to play is not difficult, just choose to bet on the banker’s side (Banker) or the player’s side (Player). If either side is equal to or closest to 9 points. It is considered the winner. There are many tables to play in baccarat, whether it’s a small table, a large table or a VIP table, which this VIP table can bet up to hundreds of thousands of. Suitable for people with a lot of capital or a gambling expert who hopes to make a big profit Baccarat also has a formula to play. To help the gambler can play more effectively.

If you like to play casino games and likes to take risks All 4 categories of casino games. That we offer are guarantee to be fun. You can definitely enjoy. You can play at the UFABET online casino website that is open for service. Each website will have a promotion. Many bonuses are waiting for you.