‘Carnacho’ because of poor management.

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Alejandro Carnacho ‘s agent Enrique de Lucas has revealed that Spain lost the youngster because of poor management

. By playing a total of 3 games

, but Carnacho turned to serve the “blue-white” army by playing for the U20 series 4 games, although he had not yet received the opportunity to report to the big set, de Lucas revealed

. With poor management and internal politics costing Spain Carnacho, the 18-year-old has no regrets about turning to Argentina.

Garnacho’s agent, Enrique de Lucas, has now criticised the Spanish Football Federation for their handling of the situation, attributing the switch to “very bad management” by the federation. He expressed that Garnacho won’t be the only player with dual nationality to choose another national team and emphasised that his client’s decision to join Argentina was not a “trauma” but rather “a blessing”. the UFABET report

“I think the Spanish issue is over. And there’s nothing to hide,” he said, according to Ole.

“It is very bad management of the Spanish Football Association. I didn’t know and couldn’t guess who it was because of. But it was poor management and terrible politics. To be honest, I think Garna won’t be the only dual-national player they’ll lose

. It wasn’t painful for him at all. It was quite the opposite.”

“When possibilities opened up to him. imagine To play for a team like Argentina His mother’s side family, grandparents, he felt close to them since childhood and it was not a problem for him. It’s even a good thing.”