‘Carroll’ Mercedes-Benz crashes into a Fiesta, the wheels bounce off

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Andy Carroll, former celebrity striker Driving a luxury Mercedes. It crashed into a Ford Piasta until it collapsed, but luckily no one was seriously injured.

A black “Carroll” Mercedes GLS SUV crashed into a red Fiesta that was splashed more than 30 yards on the road

, eyewitnesses said. The former Newcastle United striker looked shocked as he came out of his car. The front right wheel came off,

however, he went to inquire about the condition of the three passengers in the Ford car. which no one is a serious danger. The UFABET report

Witnesses also revealed that both Carroll and the woman driving the car was caught blowing alcohol by a police officer No one was arrested.

The ex-Premier League star, 33, was pictured standing by his wrecked £130,000 Mercedes GLS SUV in a residential street understood to be in the Romford area of east London on Saturday afternoon.

, while a man in his 50s was in a Ford car. He had chest pain and was later taken to the hospital.

The accident happened around 3.25 p.m. on Saturday. In Romford, East London, where Steve Garbolb witnessed the incident, said “Luckily no one died”

“Fiesta and Mercedes collide Then another car crashed again. It was a rather bizarre accident.”