‘Coach Ajax’ pointed out that the Swans do not have an advantage

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Ajax manager Alfred Schreuder does not believe Liverpool had an advantage over their side’s absence in the weekend’s clash with

Wolves. It was postponed just like football in the UK over the weekend. Because of the death of Queen Elizabeth II

, Ajax played in the 5-0 thrashing of Heerenveen on Saturday. They held their position at the top of the Eredivisie herd. Following on from their six straight wins, they are also top of the group in the Champions League after beating Glasgow Rangers 4-0 in the opening game

before playing at Anfield. “We are still following in the footsteps of our home game against Rangers. Especially the way we do it on the pitch, the strength, the fun we radiate. Including the desire to keep going when scoring goals.” the UFABET report

“We expect to start with the difficulty of the game against Heerenveen. They are well organized. If you get the door early It’s like a knockout, 2-0 score, it adds to the good feeling

. But in the second half we did as planned. Then you can make a substitution.”

“The Liverpool away game I must say I don’t know how they are at the moment,

but I don’t think there will be a big drawback from not playing at the weekend.