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Reading card patterns and statistics by observing BACCARAT card writing A detailed reading of the cards from the card layout. It reads the card pattern from the statistics of the cards. That were play in the previous round. to analyze. The advantage that will give us the opportunity to make more profits. There are 4 components of the Baccarat card layout, namely 1. Main card layout. 2. transparent card layout 3. Solid card layout 4. Draw card layout, in which items 2,3 and 4 are components of the minor card layout. Which we will talk mainly about these 2 things. สมัคร UFABET

1. Main card layout 

It is taking down the cards according to the color of the cards that are draw. If changing from red to blue or blue to red will start a new row. Which from here can be remembered to play 2 formulas together. Namely the 4th ping-pong and the 8th dragon.

2. The secondary card layout consists of 3 card layouts

which are solid, transparent, and underlined. This section is use to decide the main deck card. By various formula names Is it fun to play? The meaning of using the red or blue symbols in Baccarat’s minor decks is that It is a comparison of how consistent or different the game result compare to the previous game result is. Red means there are similarities or similarities. and blue is different Taking advantage of the secondary table On the online gambling website, there will always be a display box to predict the winning side. But different websites will have different.

Some websites do not show results on the secondary layout table. You have to use your own comparison that if you choose this side, it will work like this. And some websites that press to check. The results that will be release will immediately show on the table of the three subordinates. This is considered very good.