‘Sky’ lack of relay cars could affect the Premier League

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the UFABET  revealed that the return of the Premier League players There are more problems When Sky’s live car Perhaps in short supply due to the 24-hour weekend funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

, Sky Sports are the primary rights holder to broadcast the Premier League, however, they appear to be in trouble. Need to send a car to help channel affiliates like Sky News live broadcast of an important ceremony during that period

Sky Sports are schedule to live stream eight football matches this weekend. Starting from Aston Villa vs Southampton tonight. Friday, followed by Tottenham Hotspur v Leicester City the next day, Brentford v Arsenal and Chelsea v Liverpool on Tuesday

. He will have to live stream two of Saturday’s Championship games, including the Scottish Premier League and Women’s Super League on Sunday.

Sky News is broadcasting an unprecedented event across the country. which, according to the schedule, they will continue until the royal funeral At Westminster Cathedral this Monday,

live car shortages It has become another important factor for the Premier League’s return to action.

The main problem facing the Premier League is a shortage of security officers. Because most of the staff travel to perform duties between various events. Related in London More than 10,000 police officers are expect to be need.