The Premier discusses the police today to find a way out

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Premier League club Will talk to the police urgently again this Monday. Amid the news, this weekend’s game may be postponed again.

from the police across the country Preparing to travel to London. To work security during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Including various events related As a result, the staffing force is limited both in the capital and in the provinces.

The report claims Sunday’s match between Manchester United and Leeds United and Chelsea and Liverpool was among the programs to be discusse during today’s planning meeting.

Meanwhile, there are doubts about Thursday’s Europa League clash between Arsenal and PSV Eindhoven, as well as the Champions League clash between Glasgow Rangers and Napoli. Must be postponed 24 hours. With the visiting team fans are forbidden from coming to cheer. the UFABET report

Both sides will take options into account. With a switch of matches expected to be discussed, however, Everton will play West Ham on Sunday as well. While Leicester Tigers rugby team has a program to kick off Saturday. Which matches the program of Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City, which may not have switched the home team. The

game between United and Leeds at Old Trafford is one of the programs that must be Use the most police officers of the season. While the trip to Stamford Bridge, the “Reds” also need more staff than usual.