“Wayne Rooney” sent after the young star debuted

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D.C. United boss Wayne Rooney gives Matai Akinembone a chance Rising Star Defender Making his debut at the age of just 15, the

former England international pledged to focus on the use of youngsters to form the club. When I took over the army DC United in June past.

Last Saturday night, Rooney just sent Akin Emboney. Into the real game against Real Salt Lake at the age of only 15 years,

Rooney revealed that he decided to give the opportunity. Akin Embony After doing well during training which is something he promised his team

“I’m the one who takes my word,” Rooney said after the game. the UFABET report

“What I told the players when they came in was ‘If you do well in training You get to play.’ He did great in training. which makes it worthy of the opportunity to play on the field.”

However, Rooney insists he still has to protect the youngster. and admits that he will not be sent into the field every match

“He was only 15 and I had to protect him. But I just feel like he’s ready for the pitch. Will he be able to play every match? Of course not He is very young,” he added.

“I saw everything I wanted in the 45 minutes he played tonight. I will try to develop him as a player. And I hope to see more from him this season and many years in the future.”