‘Berbatov’ suggests ghosts sign a striker + a center back urgently

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Dimitar Berbatov believes Manchester United need to strengthen their squad as a striker and centre-back this summer. The

Red Devils look to have a clear direction under Erik ten Ha. This season, they are hoping to win a ticket to play in the Champions League during the last 3 games of this season,

although United will spend £ 200 million on reinforcements this season. And they still need to invest more next season. by urgently needing to reinforce the striker

In addition to the striker, Berbatov sees United needing to strengthen at centre-back. If hoping to develop the work to another level from this season

“Of course they need a striker. It’s been talked about a lot,” he said, according to The UFABET report.

“I also believe they need to buy a centre-back this summer and it’s a must, in my opinion. I believe that United are pretty much covered in every other area of the pitch, but if they don’t have that consistency, then they’re going to drop points when they shouldn’t drop points and end up in a similar position next season.”

“For me, this is their main mission this summer. Because they need a player who scores 20 goals a season, who will he be? We have to wait and see ′

′ I still believe that. They also need a centre-back this summer. Which I see as essential, I believe United look complete for every position on the pitch. but if lack of continuity They will lose points when they shouldn’t. and end up in a similar position next season.”